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I want to change the background color on my 101 theme for my blog. How do I do it?

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add this code to your page right above the </header> 

<style>body{background: #COLORCODE;}</style>

Make sure to replace the #COLORCODE with a hex value of whatever color you want to use. 

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I can't change my "title".. How do I do it?!?! Please help me. I use it on an iPhone.

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to change your title, you have change the text in between <title> & </title> in your blog theme. check to see if you have more than one of those in your theme. Click ctrl + f (or cmd + f for mac) and search for <title> . That should do it :) Hope that helps!

How to change your tumblr username

So you want to change your Tumblr Username, Display Name. or whatever you want to call it - that name that appears by your posts and that you can use to login with. It’s really simple - Let’s get started…

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Urban4 by MaxDavis

Options: Title, Description, Avatar, Social, Custom Links, 2 or 4 Columns, Twitter Roll, 5 Custom Links

Features: Header Logo, Background image, Sidebar Portrait, Background Colors, Content- Color, Gradient Colors, Infinite Scroll, Full Size Background Image, Social Buttons, Captions, 4 Font Choices

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Theme °25 by Max Davis

Options:Title, Description, Avatar, Portrait Image, Custom Background

Features: Background Color, Text color, Links color, Links Hover, Background Image hover, Post Sizes and spacing, custom fonts, uppercase text, infinite scroll, post captions, gradient styles, sidebar left or right, social icons, links, justify text and show copyright years

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Hey! I'm unable to edit my theme. when I hit edit theme it goes to the gear icon in the center of the tumblr screen but doesn't continue to the editing screen or do anything, it just stops. Please Help! Thanks!

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Hey, you might want to try a different browser. Also check to see if you have javascript disabled. If that doesn’t fix it you will have to contact tumblr support and see what’s going on. Hope that helps :)

Awesome 3D Tumblr Backgrounds

This set of awesome 3D backgrounds is here to spice your tumblr up! Check them out in the post below.

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Hip To Be Square V2 by lmthemes

Options: Title , Description, Background Color / Image, 4 different color schemes

Features: 10 custom links, icon and sidebar images, optional reblog info

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Flaws by Modernise

Options: Title, Description, Avatar

Features: header image, text color, background color, border color, blockquote color, links color (& hover), text font, image fade switch, rounded corners option, 5 custom links, animated post load option, cross cursor option, and easy reblog feature.

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hey :) after I changed it to a certain image. my whole blog is the whole image, so it doesnt show my avatar,my posts. its just the image that i changed it too. help?

- by

you must’ve removed all of the code for your tumblr or missed a quotation symbol. You seem to have fixed it now but if you have any more problems let us know :)

Como mudar o tema do tumbrl?

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So google translated “Como mudar o tema do tumblr?"  to "How do you change a theme on tumblr?" :)

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